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Welcome to a website dedicated to Christopher Precopia and his love of food and travel. As COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, Christopher Precopia understands that millions of people like him are just itching to return to a life of travel. Many travelers are finding that the airlines are struggling to meet the demand for travel as they too come out of pandemic mode. This website will serve as a place for Christopher Precopia to share insights into some of the best travel destinations for food lovers – both in and outside of the USA. While the content below will touch on some of Christopher Precopia’s favorite destinations, future blog posts will offer deep dives into particular foodie towns that will satisfy any traveler hungry for food and some great memories along the way.
Christopher Precopia on Premier Foodie Towns in America


Portland has been trending upward on just about every list of top food destinations in America. One of the reasons travelers like Christopher Precopia love visiting Portland so much is the diversity in their food options. Portland not only has the latest in creative vegan foods, but they still have places where you can go and get an old-fashion cheeseburger. Portland is a melting pot of different foods and cultures, and it has led to countless restaurants that have to be visited to be believed. Those who have yet to visit Portland would be wise to put it on their travel agenda ASAP.

New York

You can’t have a list of the greatest food destinations in the United States and not include New York City. Yes, New York has tourist traps along Times Square where you can eat food that you could get literally anywhere else in the country, but New York is also home to some of the best chefs in the world. Whether you want to eat authentic New York style pizza or head over to a five-star steak house in Manhattan, the culinary world in America revolves around New York. Taking the time to research before heading to NYC is a great way to avoid the tourist traps and find a truly special meal.


A lot of the public thinks of only cheesesteaks when they envision Philadelphia as a food destination, but the city has so much more to offer than their signature sandwich. There’s a little bit of everything to enjoy in The City of Brotherly Love. Fifty or so local breweries make sure Philadelphia lives up to its blue-collar reputation. The famous Italian market features everything from high-end dining to little spots to grab an Italian hoagie that must be sampled to be believed. With such a diverse array of people, Philadelphia continues to evolve and bring new foods to the hungry masses. Of course, a cheesesteak is still never a bad option.

Christopher Precopia


Chicago is a lot like Philadelphia in that it is known for a particular food but offers so much more than just deep-dish pizza Chicago style hot dogs have been copied throughout the country but they don’t taste the same anywhere else. In addition to the classics, Chicago is second only to New York in rewards from the James Beard Association for culinary excellence. Many of the top chefs in the world own and operate restaurants within the Windy City. Christopher Precopia points out that every food lover’s dream destination shares a common theme – diversity. When people from different backgrounds are able to unite and learn from one another, amazing things can happen in the kitchen.

New Orleans

Christopher Precopia believes that New Orleans may just be the top food destination in the United States. There’s such a strong culture and resolve within the people of New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina, a lesser city would have buckled. New Orleans stood together as a people and built back bigger. New Orleans is extremely welcoming to all tourists. They will introduce the uninitiated to gumbo, beignets, po-boys and so much more. There’s great food available at all hours of the day and night. From breakfast spots featuring Southern specialties to late night treats that will cap off the perfect night, New Orleans has something for everyone.