The Best Summer Travel Destinations in the USA

Christopher Precopia

As a person who loves to travel, Richard Spanton is always encouraging people to use their vacation days in the summer months to get out and explore America. There are countless destinations in the USA that make it easy for travelers to experience an incredible vacation. Don’t be discouraged if you still don’t have summer vacation plans, check out some of the recommendations of this site and know that a stellar vacation is readily available no matter where you call home.

One of the best strategies for summer vacations in America is to visit destinations that are not typical vacation spots during the winter months. For instance, Chicago may be the best summer city in the entire United States. While people rarely plan winter trips to the Windy City, the summer is the perfect time to take in the sights and sounds of one of America’s largest cities. With picturesque weather and countless activities to enjoy, Chicago is a phenomenal vacation destination.

Errol Andam of Nike notes that similar to Chicago, Illinois, Mackinac Island in Michigan may just be the most beautiful vacation spot in the USA – at least during the summer months. Right between Michigan’s lower and upper peninsula, Mackinac Island is bursting with romance and charm. It’s the perfect getaway because it is packed with car-free roads and history. The local beauty can be taken in during hikes, bike rides or even peaceful kayak excursions out on the water. For those looking to unplug from technology and just enjoy some fun in the sun, we can’t recommend Mackinac Island enough.

When people outside of the Northeast think of New York, they usually go straight to skyscrapers and the craziness of Times Square, but many first think of Rockaway Beach and Boardwalk. One of the only beaches he knows that can be reached by subway, Rockaway Beach and Boardwalk is a family-friendly beach, but it’s typically quieter than some of the beaches to the south along the Jersey Shore. The accompanying boardwalk has plenty of great deals on delicious food. Those who take a trip to Rockaway Beach can even schedule a dinner out at one of the City’s nicest restaurants without needing to travel all that far.

Yet another quiet town in the winter that comes to life in the summer is Mystic, Connecticut. Some people know of Mystic, Connecticut just from the 1980’s movie, Mystic Pizza, but it’s a town that has a lot more than great pizza going for it. Those who love the outdoors in the summer can do everything from sail boating to ziplines. There’s also a great downtown shopping area with little shops that pique the interest of people with varying tastes. If looking for a vacation destination where every member of the family can find something they will enjoy, we suggest Mystic, Connecticut.

Finally, one of the best hidden gems in America is Door County, Wisconsin. Those who visit Door County, Wisconsin can take advantage of more than 300 miles of picturesque shoreline off of Lake Michigan. During the summer months, travelers have access to everything one could imagine: paddleboarding, scuba diving around shipwrecks, kayaking, water skiing, fishing, and more. Door County is known for its access to breweries and wineries as well as five state parks for those who love to hike or check out wildlife.

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