Christopher Precopia on Some of His Favorite Food and Travel Movies

Christopher Precopia

As a food and travel aficionado, Christopher Precopia wishes he could spend his entire life traveling around the world and enjoying all the regional food it has to offer. Unfortunately, life demands that some other responsibilities are attended to before he can board his next flight. In order to enjoy a little escapism and still enjoy his passions, Christopher Precopia has some movies that he turns to again and again when the travel itch needs to be scratched. Today, Christopher Precopia will share some of his favorites with you.


A movie that inspired a follow-up food and travel show on Netflix, Chef features Jon Favreau as a culinary expert who needs to find a new way to make money after quitting a frustrating job at a top restaurant. Favreau’s character hits the road with his son and rediscovers his love of food while running a food truck. The movie has multiple scenes that perfectly capture the joy that both food and travel can bring to people.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Featuring two of comedies biggest legends at the top of their game, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles pulls on the heartstrings and will make your stomach hurt from laughing so hard. It’s one of the few movies that focuses on the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s an annual tradition to watch this every November in the Cristopher Precopia house.

Up In The Air

When people ask Christopher Precopia why he doesn’t look to find a job that makes him travel for work, he points to Up in The Air. This George Clooney feature shows how grueling it can be to be a corporate traveler. There’s no time for sightseeing and exploring the local cuisine when you’re flying from meeting to meeting and spending more time in airport lobbies than your own bed.

Midnight in Paris

As someone who has visited Paris on multiple occasions, Midnight in Paris is an extremely enjoyable movie to watch for Christopher Precopia. Own Wilson is the protagonist in the film. As a screenwriter, he ends up in a time warp where he is transferred back to the 1920’s every midnight during his travels in Paris. There’s a lot of romance and history of the city in the film. It’s a great date night movie.

Into The Wild

Few movies will inspire a traveler to hit the road like Into The Wild. The movie is about a young student athlete who decides to leave school and supports and head out to travel through Alaska. It’s an inspirational tale that will make any viewer want to visit the beautiful state of Alaska.

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