Christopher Precopia on The Best Dishes to Bring to Holiday Potluck Parties

Christopher Precopia

As someone who is a known foodie amongst his family and friends, Christopher Precopia takes great pride in bringing dishes no one else thinks to bring to holiday potluck parties. Holiday potluck parties are a favorite of Christopher Precopia as they bring people together during the holidays without overly stressing the host. Everyone contributes and a great time can be had by all. Of course, a little friendly competition over who can bring the favorite dish only adds to the excitement. Today, Christopher Precopia will share some dishes that you can bring to your next holiday potluck party that will surely wow your fellow guests.

Foods Shaped Like Holiday Wreaths

Some of the most creative dishes aren’t all that difficult to put together. There are plenty of recipes available for holiday wreath shaped pizzas, cream cheese logs, and pretzels, but those looking to provide a healthier treat should consider a snow pea holiday wreath. It is not only one of the easiest dishes to put together, but it is also one of the most beautiful. Simply boil snow peas until they are cooked and bright green, drain the water and throw them over ice to maintain their freshness. Then create or buy a simple dip of cream cheese, garlic powder, and seasoned salt. Place the dip in a bowl in the center of your dish. The next step is to lay out the snow peas into a wreath-like shape. Placing cherry tomatoes throughout the layers of snow peas will add the perfect holiday twist.


Christopher Precopia always encourages those who ask him what to bring to their holiday potluck party to consider their favorite slider. Whether they go with the classic, ham and cheese or add a bit of flair with various meat and cheese combinations, sliders can be put out without a warming plate and will taste great in hour 1 or hour 4 of the party. Guests also love sliders because they are easily eaten on the go. Guests that are busy talking to one another rarely have time to sit and eat with a fork and knife, so finger foods are always a hit!

Festive Holiday Cookies

One of the safest bets for any holiday potluck is to bring an assortment of homemade cookies. Those who aren’t baking aficionados can always pick some up from their favorite bakery as well. Christopher Precopia notes that people typically focus on appetizers or entrees and leave the party they attend with a lack of desserts – and who doesn’t love dessert? If children are also invited to the party, be sure to include some classic chocolate chip cookies and you’ll be the guest of honor in their eyes.

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