Christopher Precopia on The Best Foods for Your Football Parties

Christopher Precopia

As someone who is a known foodie amongst his family and friends, Christopher Precopia is always happy to host parties during the NFL playoffs. This January playoff slate is set to be one of the most fascinating in recent history. The AFC has three incredibly even-matched powerhouses in the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, and the defending AFC champion Bengals. The AFC also has the heir apparent to the best quarterback in the league throne, Justin Herbert, making his postseason debut. In the National Football Conference, the Eagles hold the top spot with the 49ers, Giants, Vikings, and Cowboys, all with a legitimate claim to the biggest threat headed into the playoffs. With the games set to be spectacular, Christopher Precopia will discuss ways to bring your football party food to the next level.

Pizza – There may be no more universally loved football food than a pizza. It’s easy to call up a national chain or local pizzeria, but it is even more remarkable when the host makes the pizza themselves. Christopher Precopia prepares most of his homemade pizzas ahead of time, so he can mix up the toppings to match the cravings of his guests, but he always keeps some extra dough, sauce and cheese out to help the kids in attendance make their own pizzas. This fun activity is a great way to give the other parents a break while the children get to have a little fun playing pizza chef.

Wings – No football party is complete without buffalo wings. Again, Christopher Precopia always prefers to make his own buffalo wings and work on sauces from mild to hot & honey and barbecue. One thing Christopher Precopia has done in recent years is started to prepare both traditional buffalo wings and cauliflower wings. As more people are turning to a meatless lifestyle, cauliflower wings can pack all of the flavor with a lot less guilt. Even people who love traditional wings will be throwing a couple cauliflower wings on their respective plates.

Pepperoni Queso – Christopher Precopia wasn’t going to offer tips that only included classics like pizza and wings. Pepperoni queso turns this traditional cheese dip on its head. Adding jalapenos and pepperoni to your favorite traditional queso gives you unmatched flavor and a real crowd-pleaser. To change things up even more, Christopher Precopia recommends serving queso dip with soft pretzel nuggets as opposed to traditional tortilla chips. Pretzels will offer the perfect sweetness to counteract the heat of the dip.

Sundae Station – What better way to celebrate a playoff football Sunday than with a playoff football sundae? Dessert is often forgotten about at football playoff parties, but Christopher Precopia believes guests love a good scoop of ice cream with their favorite toppings more than just about any other dish he can think to whip up. The sundae station is also a great idea when people are coming with kids who may not find the games as entertaining as their parents do.

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