Christopher Precopia on Travel Tips to Make Flying A Smoother Process

Christopher Precopia

As a known travel lover amongst his friends and family, Christopher Precopia is often asked about the changes in his travel plans since the COVID-19 pandemic. As more people are returning to the airports and returning to their typical travel habits, Christopher Precopia wants them to understand what to expect. Today, Christopher Precopia will offer some travel advice to make the process easier for those returning to airports in 2023.

  1. Know About COVID-19 Trends at Your Destination Ahead of Time – The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about different restrictions in different parts of the world. Nothing kills the thrill of traveling faster than finding out that a location is in lockdown or no longer features indoor dining. Check the local travel restrictions and see if things like masks are vaccination cards are required. This can change based on the country – and even the region of a traveler’s destination. Some countries will require a COVID-19 test before allowing you to enter. Keep this in mind, especially when you are traveling with your entire family.
  2. Airlines Are Taking Extra Health and Safety Measures – Most airlines spend additional time disinfecting surfaces on their planes in between flights. Travelers are still likely to see other passengers whip out their antibacterial wipes before takeoff. Christopher Precopia recommends remaining cognizant of the things that you touch during a flight. If you are bringing additional items due to COVID-19, don’t forget to pack your typical medications and gum to chew when your ears pop due to changes in the elevation. Also, headphones are a must. More and more flights offer in-flight entertainment, but those without headphones often lack luck. Of course, if you love a good book, this is never a problem.
  3. Wear Extra Sunscreen – One of the biggest surprises for Christopher Precopia during his first island vacation was just how badly he got burnt on his first day. While Christopher Precopia wore his typical SPF 30 sunscreen, the sun did a number on him that day. In doing more research, it looks like the fact that we have all spent more time indoors has led to our skin growing more sensitive to the sunlight. Better safe than sorry, so Christopher Precopia recommends that everyone considers SPF 50 or more for their first trip.
  4. Stick to the Basics – When at all possible, travelers should wear loose-fitting clothes and shoes. Those who own slip-on shoes can do themselves a great service when going through TSA. Also, giving yourself at least two hours to go through security is best. While it will rarely take this long, arriving early will eliminate a lot of the stress and anxiety when trying to reach your gate. When you can, get up and walk around the cabin. This is especially true for people flying for more than a few hours. A little bit of circulation will help alleviate pain and even reduce the likelihood of jet lag.

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